The Sunday Business Show with Athena College of Ireland

Deirdre O’Reilly, founder and managing director of Athena College of Ireland, made her debut radio appearance on The Sunday Business Show, Today FM, Sunday 18th of October.

After reading an astonishing article in the Digital Times, in 2014; stating that 38% of small businesses in Ireland are failing on social media and actually doing more damage to their brands than good, Deirdre decided to do further analysis and create a solution to the problem.

With a masters and thirty years of business under her belt Deirdre told presenter Conall O Morain, how Ireland is ready for the new innovation in technology to help all business’s and people with further education in a new and exciting way, thus opening Athena College of Ireland.

Athena College set out to give aspiring students and business owners the tools to invest in both themselves and their staff, for a better future and enterprise. One of the specialised courses Athena College delivers is the Social Media for Business and Digital Marketing Course.

Paving the way to successful live online learning programs in such areas, there is no better person to give Irish businesses some tips how they themselves can maximise their social media attention, attraction, and retention.

Deirdre told the national radio show small businesses should focus their attentions on simple yet successful social media and marketing strategies, listing the following tips:

– Choosing the right social media platform

– Stand out from the crowd

– Brighten up somebodies day

– At least 20 minutes of activity a day

– Learn from the experts, how to make the most of what you’ve got

After appearing on the Sunday Business Show Athena College of Ireland have had an overwhelming response to their further education course offerings. With tweets, posts and emails swarming the office it is clear Ireland is ready for this new live online learning platform.

For more information on course options at Athena College of Ireland please contact (+353) 691 1358, or visit