Athena College exhibits niche market technology to the world, at the Digital DNA Conference!

Athena College of Ireland show case the amazing new video technology that can boost any business, at one of Northern Ireland’s largest technology expeditions, Digital DNA linux free.

The Digital DNA Conference will take place in the Titanic Headquarters, on the 15th of October 2015.

The high-tech and user friendly system Vidyo, used by the Athena College will be showcased by the team, and show how our specialised further education courses can be accessed from any where on any device, and better any business, from small start ups to multi-nationals whatsapp herunterladen.

Accompanied by some of the most influential speakers in the technology sector from different areas all over the world at the conference, Athena College of Ireland are definitely putting their mark out there and showing not only Ireland, but the world the amazing technology we have on offer illegally movies!