How Our Online Classroom Works

Our Classroom Routine

Our Synchronous courses will closely resemble traditional classrooms with a scheduled time for you and your lecturer to meet in the online classroom periodically through the course every week. Each course may have its own participation and attendance requirements, but prospective students should expect to participate in the course site at least two times a week.

Students engagement with course content, classmates, and tutors comes with a lot of responsibility in the online learning environment. A normal day if studying a full time course, involves the student logging into our moodle learning management system to look over lecture notes, and check and submit assignments. Our courses include synchronous features – our lectures are delivered live to students who will participate simultaneously from their personal computers and interact with lecturers and fellow students by voice, or chat, to discussion points in the lecture. Some independent study is also required.

Students need a working knowledge of Internet browsing and should be comfortable, if not savvy, with technology. Course will only require you to be able to compose documents, tables, and presentations in programs with which they may already be familiar. Learning to navigate our learning management systems is easy. Further information is available on our moodle site