Why use Twitter for your Business

Let’s cut to the chase; running a business is tough and marketing can be expensive. So here are our top 10 reasons why your business should be on Twitter:

1.    It’s Free herunterladen! It’s a free platform. Yes, there are options like every other social media platform to pay for advertising: however, it can work just as well without paying for advertising with a little training herunterladen.

2.    Images. You can easily upload your own profile and cover images. Use Canva, that’s free tool too!

3.    Networks netflix filmeen am pc. There are lots of online networks called “Twitter chats” ready and waiting for you to join in! Just put in their hashtag into a tweet and hey presto herunterladen! Check out #WexfordHour Tuesday 9pm or #IrishBizParty Wednesday 9pm to get you started.

4.    Reach. If you’re based in Galway and you want to do business with people in Dublin, no problem jitsi mac! Simply join in the Twitter chat #DublinHour and immediately start networking with other businesses using the same hashtag. If you’re in Ireland and you want business in the UK, check out the #BritishBizParty Twitter chat Monday 9pm sims 4 kostenlos möbelen!

5.    Hashtags. Hashtags are link anchors; they link all the tweets with the same topics together. #Any word or #Phrase can be a #Hashtag herunterladen! Placing the # symbol before a word transforms that word into a clickable link. Clicking it will search for all tweets that have that same hashtag in them from across the globe herunterladen!

6.    Celebrities. Twitter is a non-stop party full of interesting strangers to do business with, as well as countless celebrities who love to tweet herunterladen. They love Twitter mainly because it’s not Facebook. If Twitter is a networking party, Facebook is like your private sitting room with photos of your family and friends on the mantle piece kostenlos lieder herunterladen auf laptop. Twitter allows people to interact with others without giving away too much private information.

7.    It’s Online. As a business owner, you should know the value of networking, however we can’t be everywhere all of the time. Twitter allows us to network with potential customers from the comfort of our couch…. in our pyjamas…. drinking a G&T.

8.    Analytics. With Twitter’s own analytics you can easily test what images and texts are working for your business. You can see how many are clicking on your Tweets and visiting your website. Tweets are also now indexed by Google increasing your SEO.

9.    Polls. Need to get some market research? No problem! Ask your followers to complete a poll.

10. News. Most people get breaking news via Twitter. Search for a particular hashtag in relation to your business and you’ll see the latest topics and discussions.

So, what are you waiting for? Want to hear more?

Join Denise Whitmore our Twitter expert and discover how our new Twitter for Business workshop on 24th Feb 2017 will help your business.

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