Why 38% of Irish small businesses are failing on social media, and 5 expert tips to help you stand out from the crowd!

Ireland is currently the European headquarters for Twitter, Facebook and Google, making Ireland a social media hub of the world!

With social media fast becoming a primary marketing function for Irish businesses, it is astonishing that 20% of Irish companies have said that they are still uncomfortable with using the social media platform in their business.

It is essential for the success of any business or product today to tap into the social media market. As of last year it has been estimated that 94% of Irish people have at least one form of a social media profile, with Facebook having over 900 million members using their mobile application every month, 57% being over the age of 15.

Baring these facts in mind it shows the huge online market out there for any company. However the main problems faced by businesses, especially those being small and start up enterprises is how to best choose the social media platform to suit their needs, and thus how best to engage their audience.

38% of small businesses using social media platforms for their enterprise or product have said that they feel they are using the wrong social media type, or using their current social media in the wrong way.

Deirdre O’Reilly (M.B.A) has recently launched the first live online further education system in Ireland, 31st August 2015.

With a masters and thirty years of business under her belt Deirdre feels Ireland is ready for the new innovation in technology to help all business’s and people with further education in a new and exciting way, thus opening Athena College of Ireland.

Athena College set out to give aspiring students and business owners the tools to invest in both themselves and their staff, for a better future and enterprise. One of the specialised courses Athena College delivers is the Social Media for Business and Digital Marketing Course.

Paving the way to successful live online learning programs in such areas, there is no better person to give Irish businesses some tips on how to maximise their social media attention, attraction and retention.

Deirdre is here to demonstrate to small businesses where to focus their attentions in terms of a successful social media and marketing plan.

Choosing the right social media platform: Using the right social media rather than every social media is key to a successful cyber footprint.

If your product is visual, for example bakeries, hairdressers, and clothing stores the best form of social media usage is using pictures and videos of the products This really will give your customers food for thought! Companies that fall into this category should use sites such as; Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram. Infographics, pictures and video content will pack the biggest punch.

Where as companies like selling services, like myself, can best use social media sites such as; Twitter, Facebook and Linked In to share success stories, blogs and service promotions. With social media platforms like these it has been proven that users respond to real life stories, these can be previous customer success stories.

Stand out from the crowd: Being unique can be what makes your post or tweet stand out from the other thousands on your customers newsfeed! Having a face to your product and having your staff interactive on the page will get the crowds attention and engaging with your posts, tweets, pictures and videos.

Brighten up somebody’s day: “Humour is by far the most significant activity of the human brain” (Edward De Bono). Having the ability to make someone laugh will create a positive association of your product in their mind, and make them come back to share and interact with the post.

At least 20 minutes of activity a day: We hear everyday that we as humans need at least 20 minutes exercise a day to stay at our best… Well it’s the same when it comes to the success of your product or enterprise on social media.

You have grabbed the attention of your customers, now you need to keep them. Creating fun ways to keep them going back to your page or profile will keep a constant stream of traffic viewing your products and trialing your business. It is suggested that you should spend at least 20 minutes a day posting interesting and relating pictures or posts, and interacting with your followers.

Learn from the experts, how to make the most of what you’ve got: Taking small, inexpensive courses, and investing in your team will boost your staff and colleagues skills. With your staff knowing how to fully make the most of social media will stand to your business through the test of time. Here at Athena College we host an internationally recognised course in these areas, one being; Social Media for Business and Digital Marketing that can give your business the tools it needs to create a winning all round marketing campaign.

Courses such as the one provided by Athena College are the perfect option for a small and starts up companies as it cuts down loss of workdays, with courses being delivered during evening hours, keeping the same quality and interaction levels through its unique live system.

Athena College courses are cost saving to students and organisations alike with courses priced at a fraction of the normal further education costs.

For more information on course options at Athena College of Ireland please contact (+353) 1 6911358, or visit www.AthenaCollege.ie.